The center of the Roman World

The Forum Romanum used to be the center of daily life in ancient Rome, used not only for public speeches and trials, but also for gladiator fights, commercial activities and as a place of worship. Some of the oldest buildings include the ancient royal residence Regia and the Temple of Vesta (700 - 600 BC).... Continue Reading →


Back to nature in Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon is one of the deepest in the world with a depth of over 3000 meters. Located in the south of Peru, it is still the home of Quechua (over 3 million) and Aymara (around 1 million) speaking people who lived here before the Incas assimilated them in the 14th century. Even after the Spanish... Continue Reading →

First autumn in Vienna

Starting with a hunting lodge in the early 1600s, becoming then a pleasure park for the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, the Augarten Park was almost completely destroyed during the Turkish siege. During it's restoration, a garden palace was also built where presently the headquarters of the Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur are located. The french style gardens were open... Continue Reading →

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